Heavy Duty Skeleton Rock and Brush Grapples

A robust utility attachment

Heavy Duty Skeleton Rock and Brush Grapples are the most versatile grapples that we produce and are built to withstand the abuse of the most powerful skid loaders on the market while at the same time being an invaluable tool for smaller machines. Available in 68”, 74”, 78” and 84” widths these commercial grade grapples feature 3” spacing making them ideal for back dragging, raking, wedging small trees and even land leveling. These grapples are highly usable with a variety of applications from scrap metal, fire wood, logs, brush piling, to rocks the possibilities are endless. Dual cylinder grapples open and close together but close to different levels making them ideal for grasping and holding uneven loads in the bucket.

Sizing and Quotes:

  • 68" @ $2,300
  • 74" @ $2,400
  • 78" @ $2,500
  • 84" @ $2,600

Cylinder Covers Optional for $250


  • 3" Spacing between Heavy Duty Tines
  • Hardened Cutting Edges perfect for digging and back dragging
  • Heavy Duty Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Plate
  • Comes complete with hoses, fittings, and flat faced couplers
hawz rock brush grapple attachment