Heavy Duty Grapple

Also referred to as a manure fork or silage bucket, the tine grapple is extremely versatile from digging out roots and stumps to piling up brush, breaking up silage, to scraping up the barn floor this grapple can do it all. 8” spacing ensures large debris will fall through easily and not get clogged up. Dual cylinder grapples open and close together but close to different levels making them ideal for gripping and holding uneven loads in the bucket.

Sizing and Quotes:

  • 64" @ $2,300
  • 72" @ $2,400
  • 80" @ $2,500
Cylinder Covers Optional for $250


  • 8" Spacing between Heavy Duty Tines
  • Heavy Duty Welded Cutting Edge for Jamming
  • Heavy Duty Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Plate
  • Comes complete with hoses, fittings, and flat faced couplers

hawz grapple fork attachment